PowerBank PINENG-999 20000MaH Rp 250.000

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Pusat Grosir PowerBank PINENG-999 20000MaH
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PowerBank PINENG-999 20000MaH

The smartphone industry is flooded with powerful hardware and wonderful applications that make our day so much more entertaining. But those applications and hardware drains the battery life of our smartphone in a blink but with this Pineng PN-999 powerbank, your smartphone will be able to breathe in a new life.

Charge multiple device We all have that friend who loves using their smartphone, but constantly request to charge theirs on our powerbanks. The dual USB output that on the PN-999 wll be able to charge up to two devices at the same time. This will allow you to charge your own smartphone, while being the kind person to your friends.

Built in LED display There is also a flashlight donned onto the PN-999, it comes in the form of a bright LED. It is convenient to have one in the dark, whether in the club looking for a set of keys on the floor or on the streets checking the engine of a broken down car. Furthermore, there is also an LED display that will notify you of the current battery level within, the last thing we want is an empty powerbank.

Ample 20k capacity It has 20 000mAh capacity, and is able to charge up to two devices at a time for as long the USB cable is compatible. In the event the battery is drained, it will take between 14-16 hours to reach full capacity. Simply plug it to the wall outlet and leave it overnight and it will be ready in the morning before you leave for work.

Slip it in a luggage Despite its large capacity, the PN-999 is relatively small in nature compared to other models, great for people who seek a solution that is not bulky and heavy. Whether you put it in a backpack or a handbag, this powerbank will slip in nicely without putting any extra weight on its user.

Specification 1. Input: DC 5V 2A
2. Output: 5V 1A,5V 2.1A 59wh
3. Built-in battery capacities: 3.7V/20000mAh 74wh
4. Battery Type: Lithium Battery
5. Charge retention: >5000hrs
6. Cycle life of chargin

Jika anda tertarik dan ingin membeli PowerBank PINENG-999 20000MaH ini bisa dengan cara berikut ini : Sumber :https://www.facebook.com/bima.hoki.946

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